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Integrated with Organic & Paid Digital Sales Promotions


" Find New Customers / Clients who already need what you sell or service "



Video Conference

(MASS - Marketing And Sales cum Service )

  • Easy To Use

  • Manage By Mobile

  • SEO Optimized

  • Ads Software Integrated

  • Automated CRM

  • Data-Driven Approach

  • Measurable Business Value

  • FREE Virtual Training

" Capture Leads & Close Deals with the help of business tools built in to your website / Webstore"

We solve even the untold pains of every business with our creative digital solutions; We know 'making sales' is the remedial mantra for all businesses...

Website Design

Web Development

Mobile App


Search Engine Optimization

Custom Code

(An Overview)

E-commerce (electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of data or funds, over an electronic network, primarily the internet.


Most people think that eCommerce means only buying and selling of goods over the internet; The real scenario is not only that...When you even look for a service via Google and communicate your requirements to the service provider, Selecting plans and transmitting funds to acquire that service is absolutely called as eCommerce; No matter whether you provide the service online or to the customer/client's doorstep (Exactly delivering of goods by the online stores)'

And, Amazon USA offers both products and Professional Services - Check the page:

That's why We introduce different category eCommerce like Doctor eCommerce, Lawyer eCommerce Etc

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 Boost your online  Services with powerful scheduling solution on your Website. Features include Available Date & Time slots ,Multi-location bookings, Payment gateway Etc

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Online Store

An online store with all the necessary tools you need for  building to Start, Grow, and Scale your business. My Ecommerce store can be integrated with, Facebook shop with shipping, tax, payment, Ready built-in Google ads & Social media marketing with all digital advertising options. Having strong in-built security features and  Lightning Fast loading. Ofcourse, It is built with world class SEO features.

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Create new posts under categories, manage comments and more from the comfort of your mobile


Create different categories on topics your businesses are in &  what you passionate about. So users can easily explore the main topics of your blo based on their interest.

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Visitors able to create their own account on your site. Once members sign up, they can access exclusive pages and services based on your backend control.


The Membership tool works great for all business solutions (e.g. Stores, Appointment  Bookings) or any social Plug-ins / Apps you're using (e.g. Forum, Blog). 

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Groups are a great supporting platform to get to know your member's own requirements and get them talking about your business.


You can Create groups based on common interests where you can post periodical updates, share media like latest images / videos, start discussions and much more. 

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A forum is a great way to keep your site visitors and customers engaged and active on your site. With the features of the Forum.

As an owner you can add and manage  categories, move and delete posts, disable comments and pin an important post to the top of a category. 

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'My eCommerce' is Powered By

Deeply Analyzed, Crafted For
Both Products & Services
To Sell Even More!


We don't offer just a website, We offer a Growth-Driven Platform integrated with Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) which includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Analytics, Google Ads Integration,  Google My Business submission, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Automation, Integrated Discount Coupons, Gift Cards - At One Place: That is Your Business Website (or) Ecommerce Store

Ecommerce For All Businesses - But the content & Plugin Apps Differ: Speak to us to know more!

Appointment Booking
Business Websites

From Start-up To Scale-up of Your Business,
Believe in Mentorship instead of just buying a hanging website!

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Our's 'Do It Yourself ' Guidance
helps you to not depend fully on external support always!

For small edits, and uploads, You don't need to depend on a web agency always - DO IT YOURSELF - DIY - We help you to walk through the process of editing your website on your own through tutorials and periodical virtual seminars ...It will save both your Time & Money;

However, You may need to depend on website maintenance plans based on your critical requirements like ongoing SEO & Website security maintenance...

This is called Hybrid model of Website Maintenance

Easy tutorials

We provide 1-2-1 virtual consulting and walk you through the shared screens of our solutions and features.

In addition, You always have premium tutorials about how to Edit pages, Upload images, Publish posts, Configure SEO, Run Paid Ads, Manage Customers Etc

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Ask Your Doubts  

You will get an exclusive community network through our Forum where you can interact with us and other business owners and ask for any clarification.

Additionally, You will be invited for an exclusive Facebook & WhatsApp Groups once you signup for a membership

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1 Hour A Day

Start as your way of documenting the things you experienced along the way of your business, And your website soon grew into a resourceful platform for like-minded enthusiasts, offering tips, and How-To-Do tutorials & demo videos. You can also upload the project execution videos from the comfort of your owner's mobile app. 



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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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Complete Project




Whether your shops are traditional Flower Boutiques or Selling Cosmetics, Hardware, and any product category - Now you have an extended arm of selling to reach clients locally, across India & Even globally.

Brand Lipsticks
Renovation Tools

Integrate your shop with


We provide complete training to sell on till your first sales made.

We provide 1-2-1 virtual training to sell on including:

  • Product & Supplier Identification

  • Account creation

  • Assisting in getting GST, FSSAI, Trademark, Etc

  • Branding support like Labelling, Packing materials sourcing

  • Listing on Amazon. in

  • Amazon Ads

  • Amazon FBA

  • Shipping methods Etc


Getting Integrated with Many More Online Market Places using
Single Dash Board:



Mrs.Adella James

Amazing work, It brings more creativity and life to my biz. Thank you Raj

Dr.Subadree Shankar

Trades Pro designed & developed my portal for appointment booking, The Timely delivery, and update on every year is fantastic. I wrote this Testimonial after 2 years renewal. STR developed a lowest possible mobile app also


STR developed my site more than my expectation.He added Forum and Members login in addition to the spec at no extra cost

What the real customers says... 


Primarily handled by Thyaga Rajan S (STR) and supported with a Team of people works based on Freelancing across globe based on the Tasks, Time Targets & Volume of the Business at a particular point of Time.

STR worked in major corporates in different Departments, Especially in Sourcing & Sales - Many know these two different but entirely opposite divsions fall under the same category as 'Commercial'

Hence STR knows the pulse of the buyers and then He designed the entire system  with required features  to wards 'Making Sales'

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Working Outdoors

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